walk in freezer

  • Cold Room with Freezer Option
  • Built and designed with flexibility in mind offering you a refrigerator or freezer in the same unit allowing maximization of space and increased cold storage capacity.
  • With flooring installed this unit can switch between operating as a fridge or freezer with dual-temperature control from -21 to 4°C.
  • The highly efficient cooling method pulls heat from the unit with a water-cooled system.
    All Freezers and Coldrooms run off a normal 13A power supply reducing the installation cost, additionally the rooms are self evaporating meaning no external drain is required.
    Installation is quick and easy, the use of flexible hosing means there is no need to arrange Hot Works permit, something commonly required for traditional refrigeration installations.
  • Environmentally friendly and cost-effective, with the utilization of water cooling less refrigerant is required making the room exempt from F-Gas Regulation, as such eliminating the need for costly inspections and servicing 
  • Panels are camlocked for strength and manufactured using high-pressured foam for maximum insulation. Doors are fitted with a heavy duty lock and internal safety release handle for added security and safety. Interior light and adjustable 4-tier shelving is supplied with every unit.
  • A free on-site survey will be arranged when an order is placed to ensure suitability and a trouble-free, smooth installation on the day with all parts delivered and installed by a team of Foster experts.
  • Dual-Temperature Control with Digital Display
  • 75mm Thick Polyurethane Wall, Floor & Roof Panels
  • Camlocked for Strength
  • No Drainage Required
  • Adjustable Nylon-coated 4-Tier Shelving
  • Non-Slip Flooring
  • Low Temperature Indicator Light