Ice Machine

Commercial Refrigeration 

Commercial Refrigeration Ice Machine 

Ice machines play an important customer satisfaction role in restaurants, leisure organization and the service sector. If they break its is important to get them up and running again quickly.

Our team of commercial ice machines experts will swiftly repair & maintain ice maker. So you wont have to worry about disgruntled customers for long.

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Our maintenance service will regularly check your ice machine and fix any issues before they turn into a problem. Helping to keep your machine running at optimal functionality and minimizing the likeness of a breakdown.


We regularly work on ice machines of all makes and models and have a large range of tools and parts. Meaning we can get the job done quickly without having to wait around for parts to be ordered in.

Ice Machine Experts

We have a team of real experts who can be at your premises within hours if your ice machine breaks

Our experts are all f-gas certified and always work to a high-quality standard. We regularly perform ice machine servicing and ice machine repairs on a wide range of different ice machine.

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Issues We Can Repair

Ice machines have lots of mechanical parts. And because they are in contact with water, things might go wrong for a lot of different reasons. here are the most common problems commercial ice machines face:

 Clogged water supply 

 Dirty water filter impacting hygiene ice quality 

 Fault water inlet solenoid valve

 Water line malfunction or setting

 Thermostat set too low or high

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