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Commercial Refrigeration Cold rooms

Expand your storage capacity and boost your business with our cold rooms installation service.

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   Modular Coldrooms

We can quickly build a modular coldroom for you. Modular coldrooms are a type of cold room storage for the commercial market that can easily be constructed on any site.

Tell us what size you need, and our engineers will build one to your exact configurations. Easy!

   Walk-in Fridge / Freezer

If you need a walk-in cooler / freezer room installed, repaired or serviced, our specialist cold room engineers are ready to assist with your commercial cooling needs.  

A walk-in freezer installation service thats quick and convenient

Our engineers can easily assemble a modular cold room for the commercial market on site, at your business or premises. The panelling for the ceiling, walls and floors are all of a standard size. So we can lock them together easily, to the exact configurations you want.

We know projects like this can cause some disruptions where you work. Thats why we make minimal disruption our priority. 

Our cold room refrigeration experts are trained to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. We'll be out of there in no time, and you will be able to get back to work without interruptions - and with a great new cold room. 

The benefits of cold rooms refrigeration

Cold storage refrigeration rooms are great if you want to expand on your business's current storage capacity. They can also make work more efficient by giving improved access to goods and stock rotation, saving time and energy.

The running and energy costs of a single cold rooms are also cheaper than running several refrigeration units at the same time. Having only one fridge - even if its big - is also cheaper and easier to maintain, service and repair.

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