seo-friendlyOur Aims

Xpress Refrigeration aims to be a leader in providing refrigeration solutions in South East England. We endeavour to reach small and large companies, offering bespoke services to each of our clients. From small cafes to large multinational chains our sole purpose is to provide your business with fast and effective services to ensure the smooth running of your business.


We recommended that you have your equipment serviced  once or  twice a year, This will firstly mean that your business will run with coolness allowing you to meet your customer demands. Servicing will also save your businesses pocket as it will save up to 60% electricity per year.


The firm delivers comprehensive repair services to businesses, which have any type of commercial refrigeration. All engineers carry F- Gas Certificate R-290 and most spare parts with them 24/7 which means that they could repair the client's refrigeration units there and then without having to wait.

Our Partners

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Chilled Storage

We offer you the latest technology and best solutions available in the field of chilled storage. In our state-of-the-art warehouses we create optimized storage solutions for all types of products that require temperature control. We meet your needs, whether for large volume storage or single pallets.

Our Clients

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